February 9, 2012

Forest Recovery Planning - Current Situation + Mini Tornado Update

Ever since the tornado I'm been thinking about the quickly, easiest and most effective way to restore and heal the forest. The tornado destroyed all of the large trees by pushing them over and pulling up the roots or just twisting them off above the ground. Some of the smaller trees (10 inches in diameter) survived but most of them lost bark. Unless damaged directly by other trees, almost all of the trees 20 feet tall or less survived without major injury. There are lots of small trees left in the forest, but now they have to be taken care of. They are too thick in some areas, and in other areas vines and weeds are choking them out.

Here are some pictures of the situation:

This part of the forest was cleared by a Bobcat. None of the small trees survived.  There has been very bad erosion in this area since the tornado. The Bobcat broke up and uncovered the soil, thus allowing for rapid erosion. For this area I will plant grass and then plant trees one by one. Most of the standing trees in this area are dead because all the bending broke the bark off the trees close to the base. I'm hoping to put the new trampoline and swing set in this area because of the nice grass. 

This is my future garden spot. Right now it's covered in fallen trees and rising weeds. Forest Recovery is a higher priority to me right now. I hope to be able to grow a garden here by spring 2014. I had a water system and electrical system at the previous garden location. I'm going to have to install a new system at this current location. 

This picture shows what's left of my water system. I had a 2,000 gallon system that would provide gravity pressurized water to my garden.  Trees fell on the tanks and broke the pipes. I haven't checked to see how much of it is still usable. 

I would like to put some type of simple landscaping along the driveway here. The forest on either side of the road is going to become large walls of green in a few years and I would like the first 4 feet on each side of the driveway to look nice. 

This is what's left of my pear tree after the tornado. I'm planning on planting more fruit trees. 

My garden shed after the tornado. Since I'm moving my garden closer to the house I won't be needing this anymore. 

This is my entire garden site. I did some mowing today. There is still a lot of cleanup to be done. 

This is what's left of my cold frame. The tornado took one of my glass doors but left the other. I had plants growing in it when the tornado hit. I haven't done any gardening since the tornado.

This has been a mixture of Forest Recovery Planning and just a normal status update. In this article I have just stated the problems that I"m facing. In future articles I will write about how to solve and work through these problems. For now it's a race against the approaching summer heat. I'm trying to do everything I can while the weather's still good. 

February 6, 2012


Due to a EF-4 Tornado that hit my garden on April 27, 2011, I'm suspending my garden. I will be turning my focus over the next few years towards landscaping. I will be planting trees, and other things landscape related. This will take most of my project time over the next few years. The tornado destroyed my cold frame, fence, pear tree, both garden sheds, water system, electrical system, and numerous tools. I'm also planning on moving my garden closer to the house. There's a lot to do before I can start gardening again. I have all my seeds in the freezer, hopefully they will keep till I start again.

Before the Tornado.

After the Tornado.

My garden after the tornado.

My watering system. 

My house.