May 17, 2009

Garden Mini Update

I planted tomaoes and squash. I have planted beans and I transplanted some eggplant and melons. I got a lot of plants at the Flea Market. I got 4 healthy Pumpkins for one dollar. Then I got tons of other plants for only 5 dollars. The guy was giving them away for a donation! (does that make sence?) I have them all out on the deck. I wanted to get a lot done on my garden but it rained all day. So I hope to get a lot done tomorrow. I will walk down there at 4:30. I can't turn the van around down there because it rained all day and I would get it stuck like I did Friday. I need to get some string up above my corn to keep the Crows from eating the seeds. I need to weed so I will do that when I walk down. 

Ellis Richards

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