April 4, 2010

Mini Garden Update

This afternoon Mrs. Mccasland and Kristi Horn came and we worked in my garden. We planted Beets and thinned the Radishes. We made a Lasagna Garden for Tomatoes. It will rot and be perfect when we plant the Tomatoes. We put newspaper down for the weeds and then did layers of hay, leaves, peat moss, lime, horse manure (we get it free at a local stable), and alfalfa meal. After that I tilled a part of the field and we transplanted comfrey into it. We watered the entire garden. I will try to get Kelp Meal, Alfalfa Meal and Gypsum tomorrow to use as a fertilizer. I also need to get Buckwheat seeds to plant a cover crop on the part of my garden I'm not using now. I'm planning on tilling the covercrop in as I need more room for my garden. It will keep down the weeds and also add nitrogen to the soil when I till it under.

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