April 18, 2009

Garden Update

It's been a little awhile since I have written an update on the garden. 

Yesterday (4.17.09) Aunt B (Barbara McCasland) and I worked in the field and garden. I mowed the lower part of the field around the creek while she dug in the large garden. When I was almost through mowing Aunt B starting bagging the hay. We will use it for compost and for our Lasagna garden. I mowed the grass on the other side of the creek into a long pile. Then after taking the mower back up the hill and helped Aunt B bag the grass. We got seven forty gallon bags full of grass. We had a little more than that but Aunt B put a bag on the current compost pile. 

Aunt B tran planted some on my beets and radishes into neat spaced out rows. 

Plant Status: (4.18.09)

Beets: They are about 1 inch tall and looking healthy. I planted them about the first of march. Aunt B thinned them out and transplaned the extras into empty spots in the rows. 

Cabbage: I got 4 of these plants from school around the end of March. We transplanted two of them over to Grow Box two in between the Kale and Swis Chard.

Carrots: I planted these about the first of march like the Beets. They are about 1 inch tall and spreading out. 

Chard (Swis): These plants are ones that Aunt B gave me from her cold frame. They are healthy and I have already started eating some. They are ranging from about 3 inches tall to 5 inches tall. 

Corn: Has yet to be planted.

Cucumbers: I transplanted 8 plants outside too quickly and killed them all. I gave 4 to Aunt B and they all died. I have 12 more plants that are about 3 to 8 inches long. I will be more careful with them. 

Eggplant: They are still inside. The are about 1/2 inch tall and still looking healthy. 

Garlic: Aunt B gave me these and they are abotu 7 inchs tall and doing great. 

Kale: I have not had good luck with Kale. I have three kinds that only one of them is any good. They are small and growing very slowly even though I have harvested more Kale than anythign else. 

Lettuce: Aunt B gave me these plants from her cold frame. They are growing fast and they look healthy. They are not quite big enough yet to eat off of. 

Melons: I have lost many of these in the indoor "greenhouse" I have about 7 left and they are looking stronger by the day. Some of them might still die. They are about 3-4 inches tall. 

Okra: Has not been planted.

Onions: Most of mine that I transplanted outside died. Aunt B gave me some Onion sets so I hope those do good. 

Peppers: They are growing slowly in my room. They are less than a inch tall. 

Potatoes (Irish): They are coming up in the tires. I hope to plant some more next year. The ones we planted in the field were lost. It was just too wet. They rotted. 

Potatoes (Sweet): Has not been planted.

Radishes: They are less than a inch tall but looking very healty. They are planted in growbox 1. I planted them when I planted my beets and Spinach. 

Spinach: The ones in growbox 2 look a little yellow but I hope they will recover. Only some of the ones in growbox 1 came up. They are less than a inch tall. 

Squash: Has not been planted. 

Sunflowers: Has not been planted. 

Tomatoes: Has not been planted. I will get some Charlie about halfway through May. He said he would give me 8 Cluster tomato plants. I can't wait. I first need to buy or make some tomaoe cages. 

Wheat: haha. Not this year! 

-Ellis Richards

CEO of ER Farms and Gardening

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