April 11, 2009

Gardening in Layers

Here is something interesting I found on Gardening in Layers.

Creating a Lasagna Garden


This method of gardening requires lugging bags of organic material to the bed.


But there is no tilling, and weeding will minimal after the bed is established.


Here’s how to do it:


Pick a site. Lay wet newspapers at least 1 inch thick over the site. Do not use the slick inserts.


Begin layering organic materials on top, such as peat moss, grass clippings, chopped leaves, bagged topsoil or compost and composted animal manure.


If you use pine needles, which are acidic, sprinkle a little lime on top. Wood ashes should be used sparingly.


Build the layers up to 24 inches deep if you are going to wait until the next season to plant. Build about 10 to 14 inches deep if planting immediately or in a few weeks.


Add a layer of pine bark or hardwood mulch to hold the layers in place.


When planting, put the root ball in the layers piled on top of the newspaper. Water in well.


Continue to add chopped leaves, grass clippings and compost seasonally to the beds as needed.


– Christine Arpe Gang

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